Rachycentron canadum


Cobia (Rachycentron canadum) is a favorite winter and spring time gamester in all of the waters around Key West. They are prized by many of the sushi bars around south Florida for their firm white meat. They are also prized by sportfishermen because of their size, cooperative nature and fighting ability.

Cobia are very inquisitive and will often swim right up to the boat where they will frequently consume most any offering of live or dead bait as well as a variety of lures. They will take most surface popping lures which makes them a first class fly rod fish. We have two great I.G.F.A. world records, one being the largest Cobia ever taken on a fly rod, a giant 83 pounder taken by Jim Anson. The second record is the third oldest fly rod world record in the I.G.F.A. record book, a 69 pounder taken back in 1967 on 12 pound tippet by, then a young man, Ralph Delph.

Cobia in the Florida Keys

They also make an annual, northward migration along the edge of the Gulfstream during April and early May where those fishing for Sailfish and other pelagics often see them cruising the surface along the color change. These fish are consistently large fish ranging in size from 40 to 60 plus pounds. Live bait or chugging lures should be presented at a distance for best results. Although Cobia will sometimes jump, they will usually dive deep and test the anglers stamina and tackle to it’s limits.

Cobia is a very tasty fish and is a prized sushi species. Recipes for cooking Cobia as well as other types of fish can be found on our Weekly Recipes page.


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