Delph Fishing Credentials

Delph Fishing Credentials

Over the past 40+ years the Delph’s have stockpiled numerous records, awards and coveted titles. Below is a list of a few of their credentials.

Largest fish ever taken on stand up rod and reel


This was a 1154lb Bluefin Tuna caught off of Cape Cod, Massachusetts on stand up tackle.

Largest fish ever taken on a bait casting reel


This was a 459lb Bull Shark caught off of Key West, Florida. Jim Anson was the angler who managed to reel this beast in.

29 Annual Florida Metropolitan ‘Top Guide’ Achievement Awards in the last 30 years


The Metropolitan South Florida Fishing Tournament is the oldest and largest fishing tournament in the world for more than 67 years.

IGFA Lifetime Achievement Award


Ralph Delph was the recipient of the IGFA Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008. This was a humbling honor bestowed upon Ralph Delph for a lifetime of fishing excellence. This is an internationally recognized award.

Over 300 IGFA World Records


The Delph’s have either received, broken or chartered an unprecedented amount of IGFA World Records. Totally over 300 records to date. No other name in the industry has accomplished this many.

Former and current ‘All Tackle’ Florida State Record Yellowfin Tuna


This was a 240lb Yellowfin Tuna caught in Key West, Florida by Mike Delph. This was a massive Yellowfin Tuna with gigantic sickles.

Two 70lb Club Titles in the SKA Kingfish Tournament


From North Carolina to Texas there has only been 3 king mackeral ever taken over 70lbs in the SKA. Billy Delph joined the 70lb Kingfish Club not once but twice during separate SKA Kingfish Tournaments. The exact weights were 71.89lb’s and 70.66lb’s.

Two years, consecutively, the all time S.K.A. National three fish aggregate record


For two years in a row, Billy Delph and his brothers were able to secure the all time SKA National three fish aggregate record. This was quite an achievement that will be hard to even repeat.

Largest Kingfish ever taken in Atlantic waters in any SKA tournament


This Kingfish was taken in January 2014 and weighed 70.66lb’s.

13 First Place Championship titles


The Delph’s, through various tournaments, have amassed a total of 13 first place championship titles. These titles were from tournaments throughout the southeast United States.

Second Place in The World Sailfish Championship 2005


In 2005, Ralph Delph and Carl Kildie, placed second in the World Sailfish Championship. They only lost first place by a few minutes on release time. This tournament took place in Key West, Florida.

7 Largest fish ever taken on a fly rod


These 7 fish were comprised of Lemon and Bull Sharks. The largest of which was a 386lb Bull Shark take Pete Peacock.

Undefeated West Coast of Florida’s Division 11 in the S.K.A.


The Delph’s have never lost a Division 11 tournament of the Southern Kingfish Association.

Hundreds of tournament wins through the Delph family’s 45 year fishing history


Throughout the past 45 years the Delph’s have achieved hundreds of individual tournament wins, comprising of multiple species within multiple categories.