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Sponsorship, endorsements, and royalties have become a serious part of Delph Fishing’s business and revenue stream. “We believe in the companies we work with and help them to develop and build the highest quality products and services in the market.” says pro guide, Capt. Billy Delph. Many of the leading products used today were first researched, developed, and field tested on the Delph’s boats. From state of the art electronics, to simple items like improved gaffs and pliers, the Delph’s have played a serious role in the success of many companies.

Back in the late 1970’s Pro Staff member for Daiwa reels, Captain Ralph Delph, was having a problem with corrosion on the GS-series spinning reels, Daiwa’s top line at the time. The corrosion was also causing the paint to lift from the body. Upon notification, Daiwa’s top executive from California came to Key West to investigate. After examining a large number of reels that were showing the aforementioned, the Daiwa executive asked Ralph if he had any Ideas. At that time, Daiwa had manufactured a “Limited Edition” reel with an engraved, anodized silver spool and a black anodized body. Capt. Delph had been using this reel for some time and had no problems whatsoever. He suggested that Daiwa produce a reel with a black anodized body and as the GS series reel had no problems with the gold anodized spool, continue using that spool. The executive then made the statement “I’m going to do that”. One year later the reel hit the market as the Black Gold (BG) series spinning reel. The Daiwa BG series spinning reel is the longest running model of any open face spinning reel to date. More than 30 years later the BG is still the work horse of all spinning reels.

Today Daiwa still advertises with marketing phrases like “Two generations of Delph depend on the BG Series, nuff said.” There are several products including an entire line-up of 12 fishing rods “Delph Designed IGFA Extreme Series” sold by Bass Pro Shops that the Delph’s designed themselves. Companies like Yamaha, SeaHunter Boats, Costa Del Mar, Mustad, JL Audio and many other’s have used the Delph name to promote products and services throughout the years. All you have to do is look in any catalog and magazine and you’ll see the Delph name somewhere.

Delph Fishing also has an annual seminar tour where they promote products through informative seminars and demonstrations. These tours are throughout the country but primarily the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, from Texas to Massachusetts. They also make appearances at Grand Openings for new Bass Pro Shops stores when needed.

Grassroots promoting has always been the Delph’s style. Proving their ideas both through success in competition, as well as their charter fishing careers, has been part of Delph’s greatest legacy. They have undoubtedly left their mark on the world of fishing.

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