Fly Fishing in Key West

Fly Fishing Key West

Fly Fishing may seem like a very difficult thing to master for the uneducated novice. All of that casting practice and it seems impossible that you will ever catch a fish. Well, we have a great way to get you started. During the winter months, into the middle of May, the wrecks and Gulf of Mexico are over flowing with gamefish, (Jack Crevalle on the wrecks and Blackfin Tuna and Bonito behind the shrimp boats) so many in fact that it is nearly impossible to place your fly in the water without catching a fish. What better way to get into the love of fly fishing than to be fighting fish after fish.

Blackfin Tuna caught on Fly Rod

Blackfin Tuna on Fly

Fly fishing for Kingfish while chumming with pilchards will take you to the next level, as these speedsters will take one or two hundred yards of backing in less time than you can say “Kingfish”. The strike alone, will blow your mind as the fish snaps up all of the line in the bottom of the boat in a fraction of a second. Hold on to your fly rod as you would not be the first angler to have the rod snatched out of your hands. It is a helpless feeling to watch a new $600 fly rod and reel speeding away from the boat with a big Kingfish as the motor.

Another fish that is within the abilities of a novice fly fisherman is Sharks on the flats. See the “Shark fishing” section of this web site. Using a large fly that is the same color as a life jacket, the fly is presented only a short distance from the boat and stripped (retrieved) with long, slow strips of the fly until you are sure that the shark sees the it. The retrieve is then halted and the fly begins to sink.

This is important so that the shark does not push the fly over it’s nose. Hold on, you might think that the first run of that monster will go back to Key West. Over the years, we have held the record for the 7 heaviest fish ever taken on the fly rod, the heaviest was a 389 pound Bull Shark on 15# tippit. We have taken numerous I.G.F.A. world records and have developed methods of bringing these bruins back to the marina, weighing them for a record and releasing them alive.

By now you will be casting a considerable distance and ready for whatever comes your way, with all of the confidence of an experienced fly fisherman.

Blackfin Tuna On Fly Video

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