Scomberomorus cavalla


Kingfish (Scomberomorus cavalla) begin showing in the Key West area starting mid December and continue to grow in numbers throughout the winter months into April. These waters are famous for some of the largest Kings, or smokers as the are sometimes called, to be found in the world. We have won the S.K.A tournament on several occasions and have held the record for the three largest Kingfish ever caught in the tournament at one time. We have taken several giants topping the 70 pound mark including the current I.G.F.A world record, a 73 pounder on 12 pound test line.

Although slow trolling live baits is a proven means of taking these giants, chumming with live pilchards (a small bait fish) and casting with artificial lures and flies provides some of the most visual and exciting fishing to be found during the winter months. These Kings will skyrocket the baits and lures, sometimes reaching heights of 15 feet into the air, only to reΒ­-enter the water and run 200 or more yards. This is a real sportsman’s adventure.

Kingfish can be cooked in several different ways. Recipes for cooking Kingfish as well as other types of fish can be found on our Weekly Recipes page.


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