Kite Fishing in Key West

Kite Fishing Key West

Kite fishing is a very productive way of fishing, especially in the “Blue Water” where it is desirable to keep the bait at or near the surface. Normally a bait will immediately dive to the depths when first placed in the water and many surface feeding fish will swim right over it without noticing. A kite is the perfect solution to this problem. Fishing kites have been developed to fly, relatively motionless without a tail of any kind. The kite is affixed to a line that is attached to a reel.

Approximately 60 feet down the line from the kite is a small swivel that will allow a release clip to freely slide up and down the line between the kite and the swivel. The small swivel will allow the line to be reeled onto the reel all of the way up to the kite while the release clip will slide up the line all of the way to the kite. Simply deploy the kite until the small swivel is at the tip of the “kite rod”. The release clip will slide down to the swivel. Open the release clip and place the fishing line that will hold the bait into the release clip, close the clip and with the reel that you will be fishing with in free-spool, let the kite line out so that the release clip is the desired distance from the boat that you wish to fish.

With the “kite reel” in gear, place a live bait on the hook of the reel that you are fishing with and then place that bait into the water. As the bait swims away from the boat, simply reel in the line until the bait is directly below the release clip. Keep the bait in the water and the thrashing of the bait on the surface is sure to attract any fish in the vicinity. When the bait has been taken, let the fish have it for a short count, then reel quickly and the line will release from the clip. Keep reeling until the line becomes tight between you and the fish. While you are fighting that fish, another angler can bring the kite in, rebait it with another rod and begin fishing the kite while you are still fighting your fish.

Kite Fishing Locations

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