Dolphin (Mahi-mahi)

Coryphaena hippurus


Dolphin (Coryphaena hippurus), or Mahi-Mahi as they are sometimes called, are one of the great gamefish of the oceans. They are found throughout the tropic regions of the world. They are one of the most colorful, hard fighting, cooperative and sought after species throughout the Keys. Dolphin normally begin showing around Key West during the month of March and the numbers continue to increase as the warmer months progress. The larger fish are more common in the earlier months of the season where they may be targeted by a technique called “Run and Gun”.

Small birds, diving and traveling to the east usually indicate smaller fish, referred to as “schoolies”. The larger fish, sometimes up to 60 or more pounds, are ofter found under “Man-­O-­War” birds, traveling to the west. Working a single bird and then jumping up and running to find another bird is where the term, Run and Gun, comes from. These gamesters may be taken on most any type of tackle that the sportsman desires.

Dolphin are fine table-fare and may be prepared many different ways. Recipes for cooking Dolphin as well as other types of fish can be found on our Weekly Recipes page.


Mahi-mahi Photo Gallery

Mahi-mahi Fishing Locations

Dry Tortugas

The Dry Tortugas is the last, great vestige of sportfishing in the northern hemisphere. This remote group of islands are surrounded by more than ten thousand square miles of fishing resources that have remained relatively untapped due to the time that it would take to cover this vast and remote area.

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Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico, for our purposes, begins at the North side of the flats, along the lower Florida Keys and includes a portion of the Florida Bay, continuing to the West and North of the Dry Tortugas, encompassing more than 5000 square miles of fishable water within range of our hi-tech, offshore boats.

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Key West

Key West offers the sportfishing enthusiast the largest variety of gamefish in the world. Other locations will argue that they are the sportfishing capital of the world, or the best for this species or that particular fish. There are more “I.G.F.A. World Records” from the waters of Key West than the next closest, several locations combined.

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Marquesas is a magical word that conjures thoughts of tropical breezes, emerald green water surrounding a tropical island paradise. A ring of islands surrounded by acres and acres of pristine water and shallow flats where giant Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish, Mutton Snappers, great Barracudas and monster Sharks of all kinds prowl the flats.

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