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You just never know what you’re going catch out here in the dry Tortugas. This is an Alfonsino. Here’s a couple interesting facts-

They are surprisingly long lived, up to 69 years old.

They have a worldwide distribution in deep subtropical coral reefs in depths up to 3500 feet.

During the day they live in the deeper depths and migrate to shallow or depths at night time.

A full-size adult weighs up to 5 1/2 pounds and yes they are delicious.

What’s the weirdest fish you have ever caught and If you ate it how did it taste?

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Nothing but the best for these sharks. Lol This 55lbs Black grouper got recycled for our latest @blacktiph episode w/ @dexterrobertsmusic .

This was Dexter‘s first ever shark experience and we actually talked the man into getting into the water with me to catch it. He’s a standup dude with a big heart. Definitely check this guy out if you don’t know who he is yet!

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If you’re ever looking for a big dolphin in the Florida Keys, running 🏃🏼‍♂️ and gunning 🔫 during May and June is the way to go. 💯

These find gentlemen were the winners of our first DelphFishing Dry Tortugas giveaway. Each one of these giveaways we will be filming an episode and dropping it on DelphFishing YouTube channel. If you haven’t seen it go check it out. should drop soon.🤞🏻 follow us and watch for the next giveaway to win!

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Sushi Baby! 😋 🍣

Summertime tuna bite has been picking up lately making for a nice mixed bag! We may have to start bringing some soy sauce on board just in case. Would you eat a tuna strait out of the ocean or do you need to sit down at a restaurant to enjoy these fish?

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This Gag Grouper absolutely crushed my jyg. I got hit twice by Red Snappers, which ended up having my jyg about 50 feet off the bottom when the Grouper snatched it. Apparently I wasn’t the only one that was craving him 😂🦈

Slow Pitch Jigging makes such an awesome addition to live and dead bait on the bottom. Most of the time they may not catch the most fish, but they’ll catch the bigger fish in the area. What are your thoughts? 👇👇

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Catching a shark in 2 to 3 feet of water on light tackle is an incredible experience if you haven’t done it before.

But doing it in the water with the sharks with a fly rod is a next level experience all together.

Something about seeing them silently work their way up to you like they’ve evolved millions of years for that single moment.

The adrenaline pumping the closer they get.

A heightened sense of reality of it’s capabilities and potential dangers.

Admiration and respect in a way you just can’t feel when you’re in the boat.

In the wild and totally free.

Isn’t that the way we were born to be?

Would you do it if given the opportunity?

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Did you know mahi-mahi or Dorado are one of the fastest growing fish in the ocean? They can grow up to 40 pounds and 4 feet long in a single year. Not only are these guys absolutely beautiful but they are delicious as well. On top of that their fast rate of growth makes them one of the best fish to fill your freezers for the year. What are your thoughts on these fish. Are they as good to eat as people claim or not so much?

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They say don’t run with knives but I say swords are an exception ⚔️! This fish was definitely one for the books, we had about a 200lb mako shark swimming around the boat while fighting this fish! We lost over six 16lb weights to the bottom and jerry rigged the last weight with as many 6oz egg sinkers as we could find on the boat. Safe to say it payed off! The bait got smacked and we put the @daiwausa MP3000 to work!

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Summertime sushi 🍣! Those big boy Blackfins have been moving through lately and we’ve been crushing em. We tried getting these on fly but they weren’t very interested, finally switched to a live bait and it was one after another! Whats your favorite way to prepare a tuna for the dinner table? 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

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Almost everyone who has come to the Dry Tortugas at least once has had a big Mutton Snapper on their bucket list. They are such a beautiful fish and absolutely delicious to eat. This fish weighed in at 17 pounds. What’s your favorite way to catch these?👇👇

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82 Pound Black Grouper
This fish was an absolute unit. We had been catching Red Snappers and Scamp Grouper the whole morning. I pulled up to this spot knowing there was a chance of hooking into a big Black. We immediately caught about a 15 pound mutton snapper on a jig. Then about 6 red snapper later, we hooked into something huge. Whatever it was, it had rocked us up immediately and wasn’t budging. I had him put the reel into free spool to cause the fish to relax and swim out on his own. After about 3-4 minutes we had movement. Engaging the reel and turning the handle as fast as he could, Matt was able to come tight on this fish and pull him away from his hole. As I was watching the rod I had the thought of it possibly being a jewfish, but I knew the chances of it being one less than a hundred pounds was near extremely rare. For that reason I knew it was a big black. I told Matt to stay nice and smooth as we had beaten this fish and the fight was over. Staying tight on the line so the hook didn’t come out was our top priority. A couple minutes later there he was. The excitement rose more and more the closer the fish got to the surface. When he finally got within reach, I grabbed him. The whole boat broke out into cheering as this was a moment that only happens once in a lifetime if you’re that lucky. almost everyone who catches Grouper this big one use heavy tackle that almost asked like a winch pulling the fish out. We caught this fish on 30 pound line. Using light tackle like this really gives the fish a fighting chance and makes catching it a much more impressive feat. This is something that we specialize in down here in the dry Tortugas. That is why Delph name has so many world Records. Three generations of mastering the art of catching big Fish on light tackle.
What an impressive fish to see and witness the fight. You never know what you’re going to catch out here.
Caught on a Daiwa Saltiga 40 LD with 30 lb Daiwa J-Braid

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To Say the fishing down here is on fire is an understatement. This wheelbarrow is completely filled with Black Grouper, Red Snapper, Mutton Snapper, Scamp Grouper, Tunas, Red Grouper, and Yelloweye Snapper. All of which are top quality fillets which will feed Multiple Families for the rest of the year. If you guys haven’t been able to experience the fishing that the Dry Tortugas has to offer, you’re seriously missing out.

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Those big boy muttons have been moving through lately and the bottom fishing has been on FIRE 🔥! There is no better feeling than when you cherry pick your bait and it gets crushed by the targeted species! We’ve had a serious shark problem these last couple of weeks but luckily @sharkbanz_fishing has kept them at bay🙏.

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The 👑 of the best eating bottom fish. These fish put up a small fight and come up like a small fish but don’t be fooled! They are UNBELIEVABLY tasty 🤤. We’ve had a pretty good run of these guys this year and you can expect to see a lot more! Huge thank you to @seakeeper_inc for keeping us running during all this wind🙌.

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What a Giant!! 😳 This Yelloweye (Silk Snapper) was one of the biggest we have ever seen. Weighing 14 pounds, this fish was 4 pounds shy of the all tackle IGFA world record. An absolutely amazing fish to see.

What’s the biggest Yelloweye you’ve seen??? 👇🤔

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You know the saying “Elephants eat peanuts”. On our last trip to the dry Tortugas, we gave it a whole new meaning. While bottom fishing, we dropped about a 3 inch long Pinfish down to the bottom. We were expecting to catch a nice mutton snapper or possibly scamp Grouper when we obviously hooked something much bigger on the line. I had a feeling it was the one fish that many try to catch, and most fail… a Black Grouper. We put the heat on him and were able to pull this beast away from the bottom before he could get to his hole. Such a thrilling fight that came to an epic ending.

We caught this fish on:
30lb Daiwa J-Braid
Daiwa Saltiga 40 LD


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Can you imagine coming over from Cuba on one of these? Every bit of 90 miles Crossing, drifting the Straights of Florida and praying you make it. This is the fifth one I’ve found in a little over a week. 🇨🇺🌊🌊🌊🛶🌊🌊🌊🇺🇸

I have watched these make that dangerous crossing my entire life. The Jimmy Carter administration started a law called the wet foot dry foot policy where if they made it to US soil they were considered political refugee status and allowed to stay and begin the path to US citizenship. All they had to do is make it here and there life could forever be better with real opportunity to thrive. It Change the racial and political landscape a South Florida forever. Only days before President Obama left office in a move that left a lot of people scratching their heads, The policy was changed, and when found they got sent back to Cuba. Like a light switch we went from seeing a raft or two per week to zero.

So here’s my question, has the policy changed? Why all of a sudden are we seeing so many Refugees crossing over from Cuba again? To my knowledge they all have to go back and from what I hear they face pretty negative consequences from the Cuban government.

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