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There are a lot of different techniques to catch Grouper on a jig, however, I have noticed the more aggressive the better. I caught this #BlackGrouper on a 240 gram @jygprofishing Stryke. Only working the bottom 5 feet for 15 seconds then bringing it aggressively up about 20 feet, then dropping it back down. On that drop back down is when you’ll often get smashed. Once your tight, anybody knows it’s a battle to get the fish off the bottom and away from the reef. Having a slow pitch rod with backbone for properly fighting the fish is absolutely key here. Many people will say that pointing the rod at the fish and reeling is the right thing to do. For what we do with hard fighting bottom fish this idea has become an improper habit for many anglers.
Let us know your thoughts on this. Do you embrace this “New” way of not using the rod to fight the fish? Or do you use techniques that have been proven for decades to be the most effective way of fighting your fish?

#fishing #jigging #offshorefishing #grouper #reef #slowpitchjigging

860 26

If only you knew how deep this fish box goes. We hit the bottom, fish grand slam, catching everything from mutton snapper, black, grouper, gag, grouper, Scamp, Grouper, Red, Grouper, Yelloweye, Snapper, Porgy, and triggerfish. This is all going to feed multiple families for the remainder of the year. Who wants to come down and do this?

#fishing #fish #offshorefishing #lighttackle #outdoors

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We have been filling the cooler with a lot of quality fish lately including this slob 17 1/2 pound mutton snapper. Often times the big ones like this Will have you thinking they’re a nice black Grouper because of the runs they make in the beginning. Not only is it fun to catch but it looks great going on top of a full fish box of snapper and Grouper. We are doing this every day on nothing heavier than 30 pounds set ups. It’s one thing to catch a big fish on heavy tackle, but a whole Nother to do it on the light stuff.

#Fishing #FISH #BigFish #Fun #DeepSea #Ocean #Be #food

983 9

Filling the box is something we do nearly every day. Not just with any fish, but with some of the most variety you can find anywhere. In a single day trip you have the ability to catch more than 15 different species, and fill the family freezer for the year with high quality fillets. What would be your ideal mixed bag? 👇👇

#fishing #fish #seafood #drytortugas #color #cooler #reels

1846 28

Sharks are absolutely relentless. 😡This one waited for us to get this big black grouper off the bottom, and just under the boat before it decided to crush our hopes and dreams of landing this beautiful fish. What are you doing if this happens to you?👇👇👇

#shark #sharks #grouper #fishing #bigfish #wild

1610 93

What an epic doubleheader! We rarely ever catch, Cubera, snapper, and to pair it with a big black grouper is just perfect. I would label these two fish as the kings of the reef. What are you doing If you catch a double with your fishing buddy like this?

#reels #reef #fishing #fun #wow #bigfish #rare

5702 19

Now this is a cool double header! We hooked up on this big black, and it immediately rocked us up. For about 10 minutes we were working with the fish to try and get him out of the bottom. All while during that time we hooked up on this beautiful Cubera snapper. No sooner than us, putting him in the boat, we then notice the black Grouper swimming out of the rocks. We then, as easily as possible, finessed him away from the bottom and brought him to the surface. Once we got him to the boat. We analyzed our leader and it was so frayed that all we had to do was pull on the line and it snapped. This was an absolutely perfect example of how proper angling techniques will allow you to catch big fish in tough situations on light tackle. Not only that, but we hit it off with a insane doubleheader. If you want to come and experience the amazing fishery that the dry Tortugas has to offer, send us a DM or visit www.delphfishing.com.

#grouper #snapper #fishing #cool #bigfish #wow #outdoors

724 4

The Mahi are starting to get a little bigger right now! We are starting to see our first wave of the year and it’s adding some pretty color to the fish box.

#mahimahi #dorado #colorfull #pretty #seafood

693 7

We hooked this beautiful king right in the corner of the mouth with no wire! Believe it or not this happens often with the smaller ones, however, the bigger Kings normally inhale the bait and cut you right off. This beauty will be making lots of smoked fish dip! Has this ever happened to you? What fish and how big??? 👇

#king #smoke #color #bigfish #awesome #lucky #cool

477 10

Monster mutton, snapper from today’s trip. We filled the box with big ones and broke some PB’s!! This one came in at 17 pounds. Got a love the big ones, they fight so dang hard. What’s your biggest and what tackle did you catch it on?👇

#mutton #snapper #bigfish #ocean #reef #beauty #monster

1279 27

POV: You’re headed to the Dry Tortugas on the most perfect day of the year 😍

#sunrise #beautiful #weather #ocean #calm #omg #reels

3848 32

What an epic Battle for this Monster AJ! This guy ate about a 20 inch Mutton Snapper we hooked and we thought we had gotten sharked! After about 25 minutes and a broken back later, we saw color on the fish and realized what had happened. What an impressive animal! Even just the head on this thing is massive. Take your best guess on the weight! 👇👇👇

#bigfish #massive #fishing #fish #wow #amazing #fyp

1073 56

Check out the size of this Reef Donkey! This giant actually ate one of our Mutton snappers on the way up 🤯🤯 What are you doing if you hook this thing? Passing the rod off? Or are you sticking all the way through this backbreaking fight?

#giant #reef #fishing #fish #donkey #ocean #huge #omg

16429 156

What a BEAST! We caught this #82 Black Grouper on 30 lb test off the Dry Tortugas. These fish are notorious for wanting to run right into the reef and break you off. Who wants to catch one like this?!!

#blackgrouper #fishing #fish #reef #hook #fights

9971 125

If you’re looking for a full freezer with several different species great eating fish, there’s no better place to go than the dry Tortugas. We filled the box with several black grouper, red grouper, scamp Grouper , Mutton Snapper, mahi, tuna, Porgy, and caught plenty more. What an amazing time of the year down here, you never know what you might catch.

#grouper #snapper #fishing #eat #food #seafood #mahi #dorado

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