Red Grouper

Epinephelus morio

Red Grouper

Red Grouper (Epinephelus morio) are a mainstay of the bottom fishery in the Florida keys. Nowhere else in the Florida Keys produce more Red Grouper than Key West. They may be found in shallow state waters, federal waters and the Gulf of Mexico.

For the fisherman that wants to take home a mess of good eating we suggest that you include Red Grouper in your request for the days fishing. We specialize in bottom fishing, see our Carts Full of Fish page, where we target all groupers and snappers as well as many of the pelagic species that frequent our waters.

The generous bag limits of the Red Grouper makes it a special target for the hungry fisherman. These fish are available during all months of the year however they may not be taken during the months of February and March. Red Grouper range in size up to the current I.G.F.A world record taken by Barbara Martin (Bersch), a whopping 26lb giant.

Red Grouper eye closeup.

Red Grouper Eye

Red Grouper are known to be extremely aggressive, often taking bait before other nearby species have a chance. You can see in our Fishing Videos how curious and even outright fearless the Red Grouper is. We even managed to film a Red Grouper eating a Pinfish in our Dry Tortugas Underwater Part 1 fishing video.

Live bait is definitely not the only method to catch Red Grouper. Due to their aggressive nature it is very common to catch Red Grouper using Jigs. A Red Grouper will find it almost impossible to resist a well presented jig. Other methods, especially lures, will work as well.

Red Grouper are fine table-fare and may be prepared many different ways. Recipes for cooking Red Grouper as well as other types of fish can be found on our Weekly Recipes page.


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