Scamp Grouper

Mycteroperca phenax

Scamp Grouper

Scamp Grouper (Mycteroperca phenax) represent a prize in the bag limit of all bottom fishermen. They are considered the best eating of all of the grouper by most fishermen. Scamps as well as a very close relative, the Yellow Mouth Grouper, may be targeted specifically by species and a generous bag limit will allow you to make sure that you have some great eating when you get home.

Although the average size of the Scamp Grouper is around 4 to 6 pounds but it is not uncommon to catch them up to 8 pounds or more. The largest that we have taken to date was a whopping 24 pounds caught by George Foti from the waters around the Dry Tortugas. These fish will readily take live or dead bait as well as jigs.

The Scamp may be baked, broiled, fried and in fish chowder. The only way that this fish in not good is if it is over cooked. Recipes for cooking Scamp Grouper as well as other types of fish can be found on our Weekly Recipes page.


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